Founded by Sang Y.  Lee and a pantheon of talented professionals and experts in each genre of art, music and culture;  “The Mad Soul Child Company” became a gathering house for renowned artists, designers, writers, engineers and musicians that heavily influenced the entertainment and culture of a maturing Korean Music scene since early 2000.  

Since then, Mad Soul Child has branched into various parts of entertainment and culture has catered for the most influential entertainment moguls of K-Pop and K-Media.    



In our efforts to expand our influences and content globally;  after over 20 years of experience and proven track record in music and video production, we “birthed” another “cHild company” that will focus mainly on Artist Recruitment/Management and Music Distribution. With the strategic industry “know-hows” we gained from the success of Mind Development Productions and Mad Soul Child Music Company, we will provide the most creative content in the  highest quality with the most innovative artists, producers and videographers - not just to the listeners and viewers in Korea and Asia, but to the World. 

“Belief is believing what you have not seen yet; the reward for this belief -this trust-  is that you will eventually see and bare harvest from  what you believe. That’s the compensation for believing and its always the most rewarding” - Sang Y. Lee, Executive Producer: Mad Soul Child Company

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